I’ve always taken a keen interest in growing myself yet many of the significant epiphanies, learnings and growth in my life have emerged from watching and learning from the real life journey of others!  

“Your Stories”, is a project  born from the idea of creating community!

I want YOU to share your unique journey as a parent, whether it’s traveling with young kids, newborn business, working mums, to kids with allergies, just bonding, or anything you believe if shared can help someone else. It has to be something you have experienced!

I believe we can create a community whereby we can lean into the wisdom of many instead of the intellect of just one!

It’s a liberating and therapeutic thing to pen your thoughts and journey.


Everyone is walking a journey, everyone has a story to tell and someone out there needs to hear it!


Go on, send us yours. 

See the T’s and C’s for more!

Terms and Conditions

1. The story needs to be your own, something you have experienced and believe by sharing that experience it will help someone going through something similar.

2. The write up should include an:

  • Introduction - background and context of your story

  • Body - key points for how you navigated/are navigating this journey

  • Closing - learnings and closing thoughts

3. The content creator gets credit for the story. You can sign off with your name and : for Perfect not Perfect at the end or you can remain anonymous if you so wish.

4. Not all stories submitted will be published. However, should your story be chosen to be published it may be edited by the Perfect not Perfect team with consent of the writer. The content remains yours, however the content on the website remains the property of Perfect not Perfect and cannot be used by anyone else without permission from Perfect not Perfect and the writer of the content. 

5. There will be no remuneration for sharing your story just all credit to you for writing and the opportunity to invest in community 🙌🏾.

© 2019 by Perfect not Perfect​