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What can I do? Kids at home due to COVID-19! It’s time to venture ... ADVENTURE 😉!!!

It’s a harsh reality yet a beautiful opportunity now that schools are out for abit due to COVID-19 outbreak. Working parents will be deep in the hustle making plans for their children to be well taken care of during this lengthy unplanned stay at home, while stay at home mums will be trying not to loose their minds 😅, and with all due respect will need to carefully plan their days.

I’d like to position that we use this opportunity wisely. Yes,we will most likely need to have time for structured learning that they will have to cover at school but also perhaps balance it out with things we say we never have time to do intentional time for bonding, watching movies, making popcorn, video calling grandma and grandpa, arts and crafts, playing outside, just doing what they love etc etc.... I could seriously go on!

In a nutshell, let’s turn this space in time into something positive and memorable for our kids to remember in a good way.

Here are some tips for when your children are home bound for the next few weeks.

• Explain to them in plain terms why they are to be at home and what is COVID-19 or Corona Virus. Provide guidelines and updates too.

• Have a routine for each day. I know this is not always easy if you have many kids and little babies but try to have a basic routine and communicate that routine. I’ve typed mine out for each kid. For example my kids know they cannot come downstairs without bathing when they wake up each morning. With a little encouragement they will do it. (see my stories for basic routine)

• Incorporate age appropriate learning time. While we cannot cover what schools would, make sure you are giving them something to learn, read or write. It doesn’t have to be highly academic it can be creative too. Most likely older high school kids will be given tasks which they should be responsible for and continue with. • Incorporate outside play as part of the routine.

• Give them age appropriate responsibilities, clean out your draw/shoe cupboard, pack your school books and stationery, etc etc

• We all know how the kids love minimize/limit screen time but allocate a short time on the routine if you like. It will give them something to look forward too.

• Encourage and allocate some quiet time for each child, each in his own spot. E.g pick a room for yourself for 30 min take your fave teddy with you.

• Indicate bath and bedtimes

• If you’re a working mum, communicate your expectations to the kids caregivers, don’t leave it up to them (they must be aware of and follow your routine) and talk about the day when you get home from work with your child.

• Be flexible. Having a routine and creating some form of structure for the day is what children want and need and will certainly make our lives that much easier, but allow room to breathe and room for change.

• Lastly ...have fun, together, laugh, tickle, make a mess if you have to, but most importantly stay calm and demonstrate positivity during this time.

Show kids what it means to be resilient and full of faith and hope during tough times!


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