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The Adventuress' take Dubai in 6 hours!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Touchdown in Dubai at 5am and the first order of the day was not coffee ….noooo no no no, although that’s what I really needed 😊 …it was to get through immigration, get a day pass and find our bearings for what we wanted to do in what is dubbed as the “City Of Gold” in the short layover before our connecting flight takes off!!!

Known for its contemporary architecture, luxury shopping malls, buzzing nightlife, and my favourite, clean public bathroom facilities, to name just a few, we had arrived in Dubai!!!

Quick freshen up to suit the 39 Degrees Celsius weather outside, plenty sunscreen, finally got some coffee and caught the metro.

We got our day visa for free at the Dubai International Airport when we bought our tour to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Had no idea that was even possible but there you go!

We took the metro, a quick 30-minute ride where we got to see the morning rush of locals heading to work. We arrived at our stop, the Dubai mall …a little early albeit as most stores opened around 10am. Nonetheless walked all around saw all the cute little stores and cafes, elegantly decorated, window shopped every single high-end fashion store you can imagine, indulged in some delicious brekkie at Costa Coffee and then headed for our tour to the Burj!

A glorious 824m, over 160 stories high which took about 6 years to make a reality, but it was a mere 60 seconds on the elevator ride up to the 124th floor to surrender to the majestic 360 degree views of this gorgeous city! Sweat dripping down my back, I just breathed, and took in the sights after which, off course we went Kodak crazy. I had to get over one of my greatest fears while doing all this…heights…. dang this was high!

Next stop the beach .... we absolutely could not leave Dubai without taking a 20-minute dip in the warm waters (like literally warm) of Jumeirah Beach. It was beautiful, not too busy, camels on the sea sand, scorching heat and all so worth it.... And then a delicious green apple mojito to cool us down. It was extremely hot at the time we went (August 2019) apparently the December months are cooler.

Lastly how can we leave this city without going downtown to what’s known as old Dubai and to the gold Souk. We decided to take a cab to that side of the world, with the truest childlike excitement, and the wind in our hair we got to visit a few street/market shops and off course we couldn’t leave without buying some saffron to take back home. I also could not resist a cute little kaftan for my princess.

After countless laughing attacks and memories created, it was now time to head back to the airport freshen up, grab a quick bite and head straight into our connecting flight to Dublin. And so we did, and not a second late.

For this short layover to have been as successful as it was, a few crucial ingredients are necessary…

- Plan out where you want to go and match it with the time you have. (E.g. we did all the above and left out the desert trip because although we would have loved to, we had to be realistic)

- Get your move on once you arrive, don’t waste time

- And lastly get a travel buddy and be a travel buddy that’s a team player and game for anything to make the most of your short time in Dubai.

Beautiful surroundings, extravagant shopping, business capital of the world, astounding infrastructure, legit concrete paradise, and in my opinion, it could be a dreamy family holiday destination. This was my first time here and it certainly won’t be my last. I cannot wait to head back with my crew! See you soon Dubai!

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