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Raising Little Ladies and Gentlemen

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

As a parent, surely we all want our boys and girls to be polite and respectful, say yes sir, yes ma’am.... off course in a perfect world it just happens, but in reality we have to help them.

I’m a huge advocate on “they learn what parents teach and model for them“... no pressure 😁. If we fail to at least try to lead the way well, then we cannot expect a positive outcome especially in a society where crude, rude and bad manners seem to be more often than not, acceptable!

There’s no rule book to raise polite little people neither are there any guarantees,

but there are a few things Logan and I prefer not to compromise on because we believe that this forms the unique culture and value system of our family.

Make no mistake, there are days when we fall short, but we pick ourselves up and move forward.

So, heres another thought, parents have a teenie tiny window period which lasts a few years, to teach/train/discipline (while loving them, supporting them and savoring every little precious moment too) their kids so that when they are older they won’t for get it. You can’t straighten a crooked tree once it’s grown right? #trainthemyoung

Most of what we do is pretty basic if you ask me but I’m a firm believer that we can all go a long way with the basics. I mean even as adults (I’ll speak for myself) when I get lost or overwhelmed what do I do, yeah, I return to the basics.

So here’s a couple of things we consciously practice ourselves and teach and I hope that sharing this inspires you as you raise your little ladies and gentlemen.....

- Be fully aware of how we treat (speak to and show respect/love/support) each other. This is probably one of the first demonstrations they get about treating the opposite sex and they begin to understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not, yup they get that from their parents.

- Use please and thank you.

- Compliment more and critique less.

- Pay attention when the kids are talking (even if you heard it a million times).

- Don’t discipline in front of others, it’s quite embarrassing if you ask me.

- We don’t succumb to temper tantrums.

- Admit and apologize when we are wrong.

- Be a gracious loser! (you think they not watching 👀 ... they are!!!).

- Leave a place cleaner than we found it.

- Be generous .... even with your last rolo ( if you’re old enough you’ll remember the TV advert 😊).

- Now this I just choose to teach my boys ...Even though my girl is fully capable of carrying her bag or a packet it’s just “gentleman like” that boys don’t allow girls to carry heavy stuff especially if you’re empty handed.

- Don’t talk ill of others regardless of whose right or wrong.

- Last but certainly not least we pray pray pray for them and we teach them to pray ♥️.

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