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Playdate with Plettenberg Bay

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

For some much-needed uninterrupted time together!

Aww man, Plett is such a pretty place. It was my first time going, and I thought it was the best choice this holiday. All we wanted to do was unplug from all the noise and enjoy some much-needed uninterrupted time together! And we did just that!!!

From Wine farms to kids play places, to outdoor organic markets and of course the beautiful open sandy beaches, Plett had so much to offer!

We spent a week staying in a holiday home, which was a little piece of paradise let me tell you. Eskom decided to take my view of unplugged to a whole nutha level, but despite the load shedding, we had an amazing time. The home was equipped with gas and rechargeable lights, which was all we really needed. We laughed, played, danced, ate, sat in sun and sometimes rain, and soaked in the gorgeous views and sweet serenity of this beautiful place.

The weather was lovely, we had a fair mix of gentle rainfall and sunshine throughout our stay! In our case we chose to fly from Johannesburg down to George airport ,and took an easy 1.5hr drive along the garden route from George down past Sedgefield, through Knysna, and finally getting down to Plett.

Thought I'd just share with you, some of the stunning places we'd been to, which we found to be suitable when you’re on holiday with kids, or not!

Old Nick Village seems like a local favourite. A quaint little village with charming littles shops and on a Wednesday an organic food market.

Wild Life Sanctuary and Puzzle Park – This, I would encourage every parent to do with their kids... NOT! My goodness was it frustrating, here I was stuck in a 3D maze with a frantically running around 6 and 8-year-old, almost losing them, cos every corner looks exactly the same …. Buuuuut almost 2 hours later, the sheer satisfaction of finding our way around and out was totally worth it, both for them, and me. The kids were pretty good in hindsight, and I’m glad we got to share this fun activity together. Seriously if you go to Plett, do this.! Plus, there is a guided safari walk where you can spot some wildlife in large natural enclosures. This place also boasts an adventurous forest walk with games to unlock as you walk along, but after the maze I opted to go have lunch somewhere instead, LOL.

Wine Farms - I’m no expert when it comes to wine, but I had no idea that Plett was home to a few boutique wine farms and these are also steadily growing. The area seems to be well known for its bubbly (some award winning at that) and white wines due to the climate and other influencing factors. It was so fun to let our hair down grab a glass and tuck into the delicious food at each of these farms surrounded by the oh so incredibly beautiful vineyards. I’ll share my overall view of each place. By the way, we went to all these places with 3 children – one in a pram not to mention, but we were welcomed and accommodated with smiles everywhere😊.

Kay and Monty – although a bit further down the dirt road it’s so worth the short drive, with its elegant horses and rustic stables the attractive venue, food and service was top notch. Surrounded by the vineyard on the one side, the restaurant overlooks the dam and on the other side the glorious mountains sit staring at you. What could be better than this!

Bramon – This remains a must see if you’re visiting wine farms in Plettenberg Bay. The pioneer of them all, Bramon is one of those farms that was the first to arrive in this region of the, Western Cape. I had a taste of their bubbly and boy did it hit the spot! Great food and service was the order of the day. A definite must see. Although I didn’t have much luck in this area, if the weather permits, you can enjoy your meal in the actual vineyard! How pretty - Wow!

Newstead – This striking beauty with all its simple yet tasteful touches has got to be one of the loveliest places I’ve been too. Cosy and comfortable, yet luxurious and inviting. You feel treated when you get there. I drank their Sauvignon Blanc and it was refreshing! We ate the most delicious wood-fired chicken, EVER here, it was served beautifully and generously. I would go here again in a heartbeat, especially since there are 2 gorgeous little cottages among the vineyards that can be booked out!

Mungo Textiles was a favourite for me. I love shopping and I love fabrics, and most of all I love supporting local artisans. This place turns out high-quality items and I got to show my kiddies how it’s done. How the clothe is woven, treated, packed, ironed, sealed and sold…yup the whole toot. Plus, I got to treat myself to an item I can keep. I’ll be back Mungo!

I cooked at the house whenever we felt like it and we enjoyed dining at a few local restaurants like Off The Hook, LM Portuguese Restaurant and The Fat Fish, and one other place right on Beacon Bay beach …can’t remember the name now though…. Lovely produce, delicious food.

The beaches are simply beautiful, I needn’t say more….

You need to go there to experience it! Remember if you go you most likely need to make bookings at these venues prior, to avoid disappointment.

Till next time Plett!



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