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Updated: Apr 2, 2019

New-born Checklist for all the new mummies from a mum of 3

So when you have your first baby you head out to the stores and get everything you think you need, largely because you don’t know any better and because you have the “just in case” syndrome…I know I did. By the time No.2 comes we’re a little savvier right, because we have experience. By the time No.3 is on the way, a few things can happen; either you realise there ain't nothing wrong with hand me downs, you go with the bare minimum because you know it will suffice OR, you go crazy like it's No.1 all over again 😊

In my case I did a combination of all three. I had some stunning stuff which I kept from the older kids days which I thought was ok to use like blankets and one or two clothing pieces…(I gave away 99% of their stuff though), then I didn’t go crazy at the shops with unnecessary items or branded goods and only splurged on items I knew worked, came with a good reference, or something I really really liked. The rest I found were great marketing campaigns of items I never needed and could do without.

So here’s the very basics…. hope this helps you.



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