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Musings Of The Times W7 Lockdown Edition

After 7 weeks of being on lockdown here in SA I found myself feeling a little more frustrated rather than hopeful. That’s not my natural response to difficult times, so when I feel like that, I know it’s time to dig deep and figure out what’s making me feel that way.

After some reflection, quite simply put, I found that I had initially programmed my mind to believe that this pandemic and the whole lockdown situation was a temporary thing, like many of us right? (Or at least I hope I’m not the only naive one who thought that 🙈). Thanks to that mindset, the changes I made in my home and how we do life daily was also meant to be temporary! Apparently not!

It’s 7 weeks later and I found that those things that were meant to be temporary were becoming more permanent naturally as the uncertainty of the pandemic has grown. Simple things like the time we go to bed. Totally relaxed that, because I mean, lockdown is temporary, lets just enjoy the time. What about that basic routine I had for my kids , yes, that too, also relaxed. As the weeks progress, I've also found that some things on that routine indeed worked for us and other things just didn't. I subsequently needed to make those shifts, which of-course I haven’t done yet because, this is supposed temporary. See where I’m going with this?

These were things that I either put in place to help us cope with the times and others that naturally took it’s course since the beginning of lockdown. Why are they getting to me, I ask myself. It’s because these little things add to the "whole"and impact our full experience of life. It has severely disrupted our normal., This is because they were never meant to be permanent.

My takeaway - I’ve needed to change my mindset from “this is a temporary situation” to this is a “NEW NORMAL“. When I pivot my thinking I see everything differently. I guess it’s a process as we make our journey through this arduous time and learn new things everyday. But for now I cannot continue winging it, hoping for quick change. This is our new reality and I need to start setting the way we do things daily, to be more sustainable for the long term, because let’s face it, we are probably in for the long haul.

Although I’m fervently praying not too long 🙏🏽

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