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Is Your Family Ready For a Pet (Puppy in my case)?

I never thought the day would ever come when I would be bursting with excitement to bring home our much awaited puppy.

It has taken years to get here. We have had dogs back in the day at home, but they were meant to be outside guard dog type pets rather than family companions in most cases. I wanted to take time and put more effort into the process of getting a puppy. From choosing the kind of pet we wanted, to discovering different breeds, finding legitimate breeders, looking into rescue dogs and creating the budget, this was all part of the planning.

What sparked the idea was our little girl. Ever since she was very little, like literally one, she has wanted a dog, even after she was bitten by a dog we owned at the time (which is story for another day). We were so reluctant hence it took us about 10 years yup 10 to finally indulge her and get one! She's 10 years old now.

While for some, this decision is not such a crazy difficult one, but for our busy household, already taken over by 3 little humans we had to think sincerely and carefully before adding a fur baby to the mix! I believe that if we make the choice to get a pet, we must be willing to afford it the time and love that it needs and if that is definitely compromised then rather not.

I'd like to share some of our considerations with you which I hope will help give you an idea if you and yours truly are ready for a family pet!

  • Are we able to afford a pet?

  • Will we make time and commit ? Like with many other things in life, its less about having the time and more about making the time …if it’s important enough we will make time for it.

  • If you have kids, are your kids ready? Their ages and emotional maturity is important and will most likely inform the type of pet you choose to get.

  • What kind of pet would be most suited to your family?

  • Do my kids desire to have a pet?

  • Don’t fool yourself that you’re getting the dog for your kid…….come to a realization of "no matter how much you say the pet is for the kids" you're the one thats actually responsible, if your kids are not adults yet.

  • Getting a puppy is so much like having a baby. The “baby” must fit into your lifestyle not the other way around – Is that a possibility? My husband and I literally had to decide if we were happy to have a new-born in the house again.

  • Consider anyone in the family that is allergy prone.

  • Considerations on pet training and pet diet, finding nearby vet/animal hospitals are a must too .

Oh and one more thing….phew I almost forgot…..beware of the scams…there are way too many that seem legit but are the furthest from it!

After all this and probably more considerations, Reggie arrived on March 10th 2021. He brings our family so much joy and while everything may not always be 100% perfect, we are committed to always do our best to ensure that Reg is constantly showered with love and is well taken care of.

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