Healthy Eating🤔

Healthy eating takes a huge amount of discipline is all I know, well for me at least, or is it just me…ok never mind that 🙈.

Being conscious of what we eat (in a good way), takes a concerted effort, and then there's having an understanding of food itself which I find is also crucial to a lifestyle of healthy eating. How it is grown, where is it sourced, the production process, the additives.... list goes on.

As a family we enjoy Indian food ( I mean who doesn't 😁), so of course curry is on the list. Contrary to what many say, not all curry or indian meals are bad for you. I think a lot has to do with how its prepared and what ingredients are used. I avoid using tons of oil when making a curry, and use good quality meat/chicken and I add vegetable’s like gem squash and sweet potatoes to our dishes and further to that I opt for fresh ingredient’s all the time.

Apart from curry, having a stash of other healthy options is a must. That way when I’m in a rush, or feel “out of ideas”, there are options, better options than what would be put together on the spur.

Some of these options include simple things like, avo on toast, boiled eggs, grilled fish, scrambled eggs with hidden veggies, peanut butter, baked pretzels, roasted butternut (has to be charred else my kids won’t eat it🙄).

Looking back, I didn’t grow up eating badly and I wasn’t encouraged to eat foods that weren’t good for me, but honestly we just happily ate what mum put on the table. It was usually cooked fresh that day, using fresh ingredients and we had minimal takeout. That worked fine for us, but the food production process today, just isn’t the same. We have to be aware of things like GMO’s, preservatives, sugar content to name a few.

I find myself looking at labels and reading ingredients and even going as far as changing stores I buy groceries from simply to ensure better quality ingredients.

For me to receive the full benefit, healthy eating really has to become a lifestyle. If its sustainable it will be consistent. I don’t like trying things that I 100% know I cannot keep up with. What’s worked for me is finding the BALANCE – food we enjoy, foods we stay away from and foods that are a spoil every once in a while, without guilt.

These are from our garden!

My heathy eating lifestyle is being cultivated by the ffg and I hope it can inspire you too to become more food conscious both for you and your family.

  • Being deliberate

  • Knowing your body – what triggers your health (foods that cause heartburn or reflux/allergies/make you feel blotted).

  • Learn about food - what’s healthy what’s not read the labels!

  • Having a stash of healthy options, me and my family love (comes with trial and error)

  • Just like my mum did all those years back, keep it fresh and keep it simple.

  • Ultimately finding the balance and making it a sustainable way of life.

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