Parenting on a budget!

Can you ever have enough money for babies ....ha! I wonder?????

Having kids on a budget is no joke but at the same time does it really have to break the bank! It would appear that in many households the financial impact of having kids is many a time “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”

In my experience, we did not make the decision to have any of our kids based on our financial situation, instead we chose to believe that we were meant to have kids AND our faith allowed us to believe that regardless of our financial situation, if God gave us children and we planned well, He would also provide for us to take care of them. Doesn’t sound very practical but that’s honestly what it boiled down to, a whole lot of faith.

Coupled with our faith and because we know that having faith without actually doing something is useless. We needed to put in some action by being prudent and exercising some frugality. But how, without being stingy, yet still making sure that all their basic needs are covered?

so to begin with my husband and I had an ah ha moment ..... an epiphany...., that being frugal does not only apply to money matters, instead, when you're a parent it means being a good steward of EVERYTHING, your time, money, relationships and sharing the responsibility of teaching this to your children too. Regardless of how much money there is, it is SOOO incredibly important to role model to our children how to be good stewards in general, teach them about the VALUE of time, people and things and not just the PRICE! Teach them young so that when they are older they wont forget it!

With this in mind here are a few practical tips to frugal parenting:

  • Save Save Save – from the time you decide kids are coming

  • Make a decision to cut back on unnecessary spending – whatever that might look like for you – the gadget or shoes you don’t need, eating out too often, you choose?

  • Maybe sell items you have lying around that you don't need anymore (machinery, cars, gadgets, etc etc)

  • If close family or friends offer (keyword is offer) to purchase items for the baby – have an idea of what you need so you can share

  • 2ND Hand Items are not a complete no no, IF, its good value for the money you will spend e.g. travel systems, baby furniture, carriers, feeding chairs etc…

  • As I've mentioned above, being frugal may not only apply to finance, so remember, new babies whether it’s your first second third, whatever it is (in fact the more kids you have , the more time you need)...…they take up time and my husband and I found that being wise with our time was the most difficult one. Its okay to say no to some engagements and people and simply make room for what’s important, prioritise what’s important to you!

  • And lastly as your kids grow, discipline is a huge part of raising kids. We believe in discipline, and everyone’s methods are different, but one word of advice would be to choose your battles.

I could seriously go on but that may result in ranting, only because I'm so passionate about this to save us both , ill leave it here. Plus im sure ll write about it again sometime :)



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