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Date Night Diaries

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Not so long ago I did a date night post on my Instagram account about how important spending that time together has been for us.

Since then I’m pretty chuffed to say that date night happened every single week!

Generally, when we go out, we like to tell our kids we’re leaving. We don’t just disappear because we think it messes with their sense of security, and we also think it’s downright rude! My boys are generally fine with us leaving; however, baby girl on the other hand, would cry and make every excuse she can think of about why she won’t cope with us gone for a few hours. We soldier on. There is hope though, because since the first few weeks, she has gotten much better at letting us leave, with less guilt than when we first started our date nights!

Gotta say that this precious time we have been spending together, has been so good for our souls and has proved to be a great way to promote a healthier relationship between us. It's intentional and real!

On a lighter note…… well not so “lite” cos we’ve eaten out a lot 😆 , the main reason for this blog post is us wanting to share the lurv by giving you a little snapshot of our experience at some of the restaurants we’ve eaten at on our "dates". Maybe at some point, you’ll want to give it a try too!

Here they are in order of our preference based on 1. Ambience/vibe for a date night, 2. Service and off course 3. Food and drinks!

Kolanaki – A definite winner on this round of our “Date Night Diaries" – Swooping in at our No 1 spot is this elegant yet homely Greek with a twist of modern spot! Loved the food and the service was exceptional. What a treat! And you could tell everyone there was having a great time! The cherry on the top was the lovely owner Theodore, who personally came to greet us, and ensured we were well taken care of! That left me feeling so warm and fuzzy. The food was so good, it was fresh, beautifully presented, and just tasty, served with a modern twist that did justice to traditional dishes. Such a treat and I cannot wait to go back!

La Parada – Stylish place with a nice vibe! I clearly remember this one being a Cape Town fave although I feel that the vibe in Cape Town vs JHB is very different. Well, having found its way to JHB I’ve learnt that it has some Spanish origins apparently, and the décor indicates so too. Serving tapas-style food, we enjoyed the light ambience and the small plates of food were delicious. We had been there twice and while the food and setting has always been amazing, they lacked a bit in the service department the first time. They fortunately redeemed themselves during my second visit. Pity they don’t have their roasted, or flame-grilled jalapeños anymore, dang those were good! But you won’t be left disappointed, they still have their delish fish tacos, prawns and short rib, which are all amazing!

The Foundry Café – We have been here before and it's proven to be very consistent! Relaxed environment, a bit rustic… almost a sophisticated pub I would say. It has a great seating area overlooking the street and a separate bar area. I literally ate the most delicious chicken liver starter EVERRR here! I particularly liked the artwork on the one main wall as well!

Social on Main – Social is our go to place for beautifully presented street food that is simply delicious! To indulge you even further they also boast quite a range of craft beers and cocktails on their menu. I love that everything is made fresh, and you can tell!

Turn and Tender – service was amazing, but the food was standard and very rich. While I can’t say I won’t go back, it was not my favourite.

Nomad – Nomad by Kream offered us a beautiful setting, and the service was quite high-end, however the food just did not hit the spot for me. Being an authentic Turkish restaurant, it specialises in meatballs. I loved that we tried something new that night, and I equally loved the upmarket vibe, however the meals did not appeal to my taste buds! Maybe I’ll try it again next time and try something different on the menu!

Well that’s it for round one of our Date Night Diaries! Hope this inspires you to make time to spend with your guy or girl, and I am so looking forward to sharing the next round with you.

* bookings are essential at these restaurants.



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