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Corona and Kids - Useful Reminders

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

While many sources are saying that the Corona Virus appears to be milder on babies and children there are still uncertainties and as parents, we are urged to remain aware of progress in this regard to keep our kids safe.

Might seem rather obvious that our kids are safe, since we (South Africa) are in lockdown mode at present. There are however many families with children, who still live in shared spaces, with extended families, or in close proximity to other homes like flats or attached homes, or others that find themselves in situations that naturally increase exposure to other people and therefore the virus. There are apparently also a few people ( not you ofcourse 😜) that think it’s ok to still visit family/friends or take their kids to the shops when they can leave them home. (I’m not referring to those that have no choice ♥️)

I feel like many of us have passed that “honeymoon” stage of lockdown, so I wanted to share a few reminders for myself and you on precautions to take when you have kids during these Corona times, where possible. This is not a medically approved write up but I am a mum who cares deeply for her kids so I hope that my learnings will help you. I also believe that these will still apply even as the government eases certain regulations of lockdown.

  • First and most obvious one, teach our kiddos to wash their hands regularly, avoid touching their faces, and cough or sneeze into the back of their elbows. We know how hard this can be when it’s forced on you so go on and reward them for doing it!

  • Keep children away from those that are sick

  • Keep sick kids away from the elderly or vulnerable

  • Clean surfaces of your home regularly with disinfectant products.

  • If your child presents flu like symptoms e.g. a fever, trouble breathing, cough or anything that is out of the ordinary that concerns you, call your pediatrician or family practitioner.

  • Don’t make the mistake of allowing kids to treat this lockdown as a full on holiday. Before you get mad at me let me say, I know how difficult this is. Some days just “go to pot” but I get up, and try again the next day. We must ensure that they have some level of routine, they must eat well, stay hydrated and get enough rest daily

  • It helps to talk about what’s happening regarding Corona Virus with our kids, depending on their ages to help put them at ease. They are smarter than we think! Hearing about infections and deaths on a daily basis can’t be easy on those tiny ears and hearts yet this is on nearly everyone’s radar. If they sense our tension and stress, it is likely to affect them. Talk to them with hope and better days to come in mind

  • With so much out of our control in this quarantine life, let’s be honest, it can drive us crazy, and we adults go through cycles of emotions, be it fear, anxiety, hope, faith and so’s normal...and it’s happening to all of us. We are ALL in this together and I gotta admit, that’s incredibly comforting for me. We have to hold on to faith, that very soon the day will come when we will have progressed “beyond the bubble” that we live in at present, let’s take care of ourselves too.

  • Getting kids to warm up to the idea of wearing a mask may also be a good idea if they are old enough. Perhaps over 3 years old. There has been some talk that when they return to school it might be needed. Well whether or not that happens it won’t hurt to try to get them into the idea. Perhaps making a mask can be a fun family activity!

So, while we are “stuck” at home let us never take for granted the safety of our homes at this time, regardless of how difficult it is to stay put and practice physical distancing. It will be worth it in the end. We continue to commend those who are working hard on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Sending this with much love.

Stay home, Stay safe.


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