Change Is Good - Perfect Not Perfect Hits Refresh!

I love writing for this blog.

It's been both a labour of love and a lifeline at times helping me channel my energy (as if 3 kids aren't enough 😄) and creativity towards a beautiful community I can relate to and who hopefully can relate to me too. I'm grateful for the friendships, acquaintances and engagement from mama's and parents both near and far and I am proud of the work that was put in over the last 2 years. 🙏🏽

But for anything to stay relevant, relatable and fresh it requires change! That's what has sparked a "divine refresh" of Perfect not Perfect!

Age old values and principals that have stood the test of time will always remain a foundation but packaging, that's a whole nuther story 💥.

Nobody ever said change would be easy, BUT the right ones, are so worth the effort.

I love changing things up every so often, because firstly I get bored easily, 🙄 but also, I want to put out whatever I'm trying to do in the best possible way I know.....i.e strong foundation, authentic, fun, relevant and relatable for the current times we live in.

Change creates the space to improve, grow, learn from mistakes, it's an opportunity to do better, raise our kids better, tap into new insights, it ushers in a newness, can be exciting , turning over a new leaf, trying something you never thought you would and it can be done anytime and in any area of life!

It's been a wild journey this far and I cannot wait to inspire, adventure, laugh, cry, grow, learn, help, explore and share everything that is to come with mama's and papa's everywhere! 🌈

Will you join me?



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