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Born for a time such as this!

"Is there hope for the future of our

children and are we living on the edge of eternity! Please keep reading, its not all doom and gloom.

With the state of emergency coming to an end it's hard not to reflect. In days like the recent (last two years to be precise), its become more apparent the times of uncertainty we live in. Times of death, disease, anarchy and civil unrest, fear, attacks on people, our country and the worlds shaken infrastructure and economic turmoil, war, lack, disappointment, sadness and pandemonium, mental health challenges, scars of which we each have our own, MY hope is that as YOUR parent, I will still serve you well.

I remember during the the height of the pandemic and into the unrest that started in 2021, the safety and protection of our children against contracting the virus and being affected by the violence and prolonged unrest was priority, which left me thinking of the next generation and what future will be left for them here in SA or anywhere? I'm guilty of my opinions, and highly strung emotions being on display to my children during those very emotional days, in ways that may be merited in my head but when on display to my kids perhaps did not serve them well. While there is certainly no masking the reality our country and the world at large has faced and is facing, after reflection, I'm reminded of my conviction and God given responsibility toward my children regardless of everything. I'll always care for them and want the best like all parents want BUT displaying hoplessness is NOT an option, not then and not now. I'm reminded that "what I sow into my children now, will shape their future stories and will either set them up to build or break the future of this nation and the world!" This means I need to guard my own actions and words for it influences theirs, both now and more especially for the future. Even when it's hard and the impact of what's happening is hitting so close to home.

Amidst all the emotions as I continue to do my best (because our best is all we can do) to navigate the times we live in, I hope I show you and model for you FAITH for a better future, HOPE for a restored nation, FACTS and the state of reality coupled with FAIR OPINION, A RESILIENCE that results in strong, brave individuals of sound mind. I hope I demonstate for you that God created you for a time such as this. I hope I can do all this even when I don't have all the answers.

I hope that one day when you look back and share your story, it's a story that perpetuates the good rather than the bad, instils hope instead of despair, creates long lasting change instead of hostility, and displays a faith in God that is unwavering.

Even though we worry like crazy at times (or could just be me) it's no surprise to God that our little and not so little ones are here for a time such as this, and that is my consolation. He's got them and while we very well may be living on the edge of eternity, there is still HOPE. If you're a parent, it can be your comfort too. 🙏🏽❤️

Are you with me? XX"

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