About Myles' First Birthday

So , I'm a bit late with sharing all the juicy deets of Jentzen Myles' very first birthday, but better late than never right!!!

I really just wanted to share you why I'm so big on celebrating every opportunity we get, especially the milestones. I know many peopl choose not to make a big deal or first birthdays and that's ok, but id love to take a moment to tell you why and how we celebrated and to share some of the most gorgeous service providers I've used, who obviously can be used for any occasion.

Many of us share the sentiment that life is short and honestly as sad as it sounds, tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, so, we make the best of today. And, in a nutshell that's why we celebrate. We did first birthday parties for all 3 of our kids because it was our way of firstly thanking God for carrying us through that first year, celebrating the kids,and yes we unashamedly congratulated ourselves for making it through parenting for the first year of each of their precious lives! Acknowledging and celebrating these days with those closest to us was also an amazing way of showing some love to those precious family and friends that stood by us and continue to cheer us along our journey. Annnnd, if that wasn't enough reason, then it was just another opportunity to serve up some delicious food and eat cake :)

I know Myles probably won't even remember all the details of the actual day in years to come but he will see some of the most gorgeous moments captured by @solisionphotography and he will know that from a very early age, we placed value on him.

However you choose to do it, small or big, privately or with many people, with a theme or without a theme, however you choose to celebrate,I would say, just celebrate and be sure to capture a few moments so that when our little ones are older, they will see how much love they were surrounded by growing up.



Birthday Theme - Wild ONE

Venue - The Glen Party Farmyard - Kyalami https://jungletotsfarmyard.co.za/

Décor - Morale Celebrations http://moralecelebrations.co.za/index.html

Cake - Frosting Bakery http://www.frostingbakery.co.za/Default.aspx

Photography - Solision Photography


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