5 Kids and a Hotel Room - Survival Tips for “Hoteling” over the holidays!

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

We often take regular short breaks, some near, some far and although I try to avoid hotels, simply because I prefer self catering or Airbnb with kids, it’s not always possible. We don’t always wait for actual holidays to do this so there are times we are around the corner from home for a weekend just minus the mundane routine, while other times it’s the holidays.

This last time, we went away for a week (last week) and I was so excited to have my sisters kids join us. My kids love it when they are all together ... and they were such CHAMPIONS. That’s how we kicked off the Christmas holidays for 2019 🎄

Now I will say, that going to a hotel doesn’t mean the holidays automatically happen. We have to MAKE it happen. Arriving at the hotel doesn’t mean that everyones “chill switch” just flips and the kids become less demanding or even well behaved for that matter, so making sure everyone is happy and content in the confines of a hotel room for 5 days or any amount of days, ain’t no child play. Let’s be honest it can get crowded at times no matter how small or big your family is!

I reckon there are some tips and tricks that can help to manage our own expectation as parents and make it a pleasant stay for everyone! So here goes...

- Try to book inter-leading rooms or the biggest room your budget allows. - Checkout the rooms for safety hazards.

- Be organized! Perhaps setup bath time items, toys, snacks and other regularly used items in one place.

- Be flexible and make allowances when it comes to routine. Forced routine will most likely frustrate you and your child.

- Try ordering breakfast in the room if the hotel allows, it avoids crazy rushing to make the breakfast time before the kitchen closes and promotes more of a chilled start to the day.

- Plan things to do in the day, the free stuff, like the hotel pool and nearby available activities and let the kids know what’s happening on each day.

- Remain calm, expect noise and expect mischief making! They are kids after all. I know I know 🤪... these may seem like obvious stuff but so often these are the very things that spin things outta control.

- Pack snacks and toys

- Take charge as the adult in the room. Be reasonable but have the kids know the rules, and consequences so that they are aware of the boundaries .

- Roll with the punches and have FUN!



Happy Holidays Everyone🎄


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