It's pretty darn awesome to be able to put my 15 years of corporate working experience coupled with my life experience into write ups for a company called The Experience Factory. When they reached out to me to write for them I thought to myself, I could get behind this because I believe that they have identified a problem and chosen to be part of the solution!

What am I going on about?  Well …


The Experience Factory’s vision was born out of the recognition that our education system alone is not able to adequately bridge the gap between what graduates derive from their respective qualifications and what the working and business worlds require of them. This gap is further pronounced in those that come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. To get experience, you need experience. They understand this frustration, and The Experience Factory has designed a program that seeks to address unemployment amongst graduates whilst providing employers with nurtured talent. They do this through the delivery of applied learning workshops, a  shared peer learning platform and one on one mentorship. This is provided before talents are placed and throughout their internship program. See for yourself.


How wonderful to be part of the solution!

Have a read, perhaps you find something inspring or know of someone you could share this with.

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